Let's start with your look. If you both have invested a lot in this relationship, the least you can do is do it in person. More to the point: I wanted to attract a man who appreciated subtlety. A relationship is not the most easiest of things, it will require patience and a lot of understanding. Have fun being a bad girl by keeping yourself safe and protecting your mind, body and soul because if anyone can break you down it will be a bad boy! You're going out to enjoy yourself, after all. Do not be someone you're not. Purchase a few mini skirts, stiletto's and a nice compact of eye shadow to bring out the wilder side in you. Listen to this! This is recommended only after you've actually talked with the man. When you find someone who seems to fit the profile, take a deep breath and go slowly! Look good. Until I did that whole online dating thing and met my totally awesome, badass, studmuffin hubby there. You are going to cut through the steps of saying hi, doing introductions, and talking about the weather, before asking him for his phone number. It is up to them when and if they are willing to let you know. Both men and women cite this trait free dating as very important and there's good reason for it. If he really loved you he'd understand what you were getting at. If the answer is yes, then here is 5 steps to help you towards a better relationship. Many people find themselves in long distance relationships for a variety of reasons; employment, studying, military deployments or just the location of where you live in relation to them. Which one would you want to spend time with, what about them makes you smile? Send her photos of yourself, from photos to now. You can ask about her kids, but it is better if you don't. Don't make fun of women, her friends or her family. You've snagged a date with someone special, and now you've got the chance to make an impression. Don't leave your profile empty Another problem that online daters have is leaving their profiles empty or vague. You learn so much more from a person's manner and demeanor - whether he makes eye contact, her tone when she speaks, how often she smiles.

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